Juli 2017

'vitalquartier' residential buildings along seelhorst hannover


1st prize

July 2017

residential building in bremerhaven


1st prize

September 2016

urban ideas competition 'kistner-area'  Bremerhaven

development for a district at the waterside


1st prize

In cooperation with Bruun & Möllers Landscapearchitecture

September 2016

tarzan & jane - extraordinarily living in bremen huchting

german prize for urban development 2016 award

Client: GEWOBA Aktiengesellschaft Wohnen und Bauen

April 2016

district centre of wulsdorf in bremerhaven 

Cooperative competition procedure

2nd prize

December 2015

'New living' at briesestrasse in berlin neukölln

Restricted competition

3rd prize

In cooperation with

el:ch landscape architects

Static: Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies

Building services: IG Tech GmbH

July 2015

urban district 'Dudenweg' hamburg         

Invited workshop

1st prize

in cooperation with el:ch landscape architects

March 2015

advisory process for a residential park in bremen 

2nd Phase 

February 2015

ideas competition for rental housing in leipzig 

Invited competition 

2nd prize

October 2014

urban district customs port mainz officebuilding 'hafenspitze'

Restricted competition

2nd prize

June 2014

Hafenkante bremen - baufeld 12           wohnen an der weserpromenade

Competition for the realization of 4-5 residential family buildings

1st prize

January 2012 / October 2010

german building developer award 2012 for new buildings / Residential Building Award 2010

BDA, DST and  GdW awards the Dormitory "Heimat auf Zeit" - temporary home - 

The City of Munich awards the Dormitory "Am Stiftsbogen"  for excellent residential building.

© spengler · wiescholek
© spengler · wiescholek